Eden Reforestation Projects



2020 Year End Update: Your donations since June 2020, have funded over 19,900 trees. At maturity, these trees will remove approximately 797,240 lbs of CO2 each year. Per epa.gov this is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions from charging over 46 million cell phones or driving over 897,00 miles.
Thank you and keep on planting!


Global warming threatens our environment and life on earth. Our goal is to raise funds for organizations that promote tropical reforestation, prevent deforestation, and engage in related activities to address this climate emergency.


Protecting and restoring our tropical forests and other natural systems can mitigate global warming and its impacts. We have identified organizations with strong track records of success and efficiency in these activities.

We wish to amplify the positive work of these organizations and act as a pass-through organization without taking any of the donations. We continue to educate ourselves on the current science and best practices in order to be a trusted source of consolidated knowledge as you choose your climate cooling path.


We ask you to join us and use the links below to donate directly to the organization(s) of your choice. Each organization will keep a running record of the trees planted and amounts donated through its link below. The organizations will supply 501(c)(3) acknowledgments to individual donors when requested.

Eden Reforestation Projects


Reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by
employing local villagers to

plant millions of trees each year.

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One Tree Planted


Works to restore forests globally to protect biodiversity and create a healthier climate  while building

local jobs and communities.

Every dollar plants one tree.

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Tree Sisters

Works to empower women to

step into leadership roles to

rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation in their local communities and

inspire others globally.


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We are four friends in Portland, Oregon, committed to making meaningful contributions to address global warming - moving from the despair of inaction to the hopefulness of action.   Our backgrounds are diverse, including sustainable agriculture, business, law, and non-profit project management. 


Our initial focus centers on protecting and restoring tropical forests, one of the climate’s most valuable assets. This includes slowing deforestation, accelerating reforestation, fostering seed and forest diversity, and creating sustainable business models for indigenous peoples caring for and protecting tropical forests.  

We ask you to join us by contributing to one or more of the organizations making great strides in these areas. All your funds go directly to our supported organizations.