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Project GreenHands


TreeSisters, a United Kingdom charity with 501(c)(3) status in the United States, has focused on women's role in accelerating global reforestation and sustainable living, for over six years. With Treesisters in over 80 countries their:

  • Mission: To work in harmony with trees and their communities for the planet to survive and thrive. 

  • Purpose: To work with a focus on women's empowerment and working with local and indigenous communities, supporting their needs.

  • Approach: Support and funding of the "outer work" of accelerated tropical reforestation while advancing the "inner work" of personal empowerment, leadership, and connection.

  • Achievements: Planted over 27 million trees across different planting projects in Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and West Papua.


Tree Sisters is empowering a network of women around the world to change the world through tree planting. They:


  • Rigorously vet and fund tree planting partners through documented processes who increase the green cover mainly in the tropical forest belt. 

  • Fund partners aligned with their primary environmental goals: 

    • Protection and expansion of intact forest landscapes.

    • Restoration and protection of watersheds.

    • Controlling soil erosion (as extreme weather and deforestation cause runoff).

    • Restoring topsoil and land fertility. 

  • Reached a milestone of 10 million trees planted in April 2020 working in eleven countries with their five reforestation partners: Eden Projects, WEForest, International Tree Foundation, Project GreenHands, and Aquaverde.

  • Focus in areas with the lowest performers on IUCN's gender and environment index (meaning the worst treatment of women).


TreeSisters works with organizations who plant for maximum planting yield and long-term success rate. Their:

  • Work engages communities and partners to strategically plant a tree mix meeting both habitat reforestation as well as agroforestry (food, building, and revenue) needs. Thus, meeting community daily demands as well as sustainable global forestation requirements. 

  • Partners monitor annual survival rate of seedlings for two to three years. They undertake tree replacement if needed, the costs presumed in the project based on average tree mortality rates for the region.

  • Partners assist local farmers ensuring proper maintenance of funded trees, two to ten years after planting depending on the project. 

  • Online courses, events, and supportive TreeSisters circles connect a global force of activism, self-care and earth care.


Click here to go to Tree Sisters 2022 Summer Impact Report



Follow this link directly to TreeSisters to donate to their tree planting projects and women's empowerment initiatives. Watch as your trees reach for the sky.

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